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When to seek therapy

Signs someone would benefit from therapy:

  • Constantly worrying and feeling on edge

  • Traumatic memories get in the way of enjoying life

  • Feeling unloved, lonely or like not enough

  • Feeling judged, overwhelmed and like most conversations are awkward

  • Sad, lacking energy, low motivation to face the day

  • Getting angered easily, and reacting in negative ways to every day challenges

  • Feeling stuck in a thought pattern 

Indicator that your child or teen may benefit from therapy:

  • Avoidance or disruption to routine activities

  • Changes in sleeping and eating

  • Excessive worry and anxiety

  • Unusual fears

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Disordered eating and restricted eating

  • Conflict with peers and or difficulty making/keeping friends

  • Social withdrawal

  • Tantrums and excessive/intense emotional upsets

  • Low mood or sadness

  • Frequent stomach aches, headaches or other physical symptoms

  • School refusal

  • Reduced academic functioning

  • Excessive accommodation by parents

Indicators child or teen will benefit from therapy
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